Pandit for Puja in Navi Mumbai


For 25 years, Pandit Vishal Shastri is one of the best Pandit for Puja in Navi Mumbai, He has been conducting puja functions across Navi Mumbai. Our aim is to provide the tailored services at a competitive and reasonable price. Maa Ambe Astro Centre is here to resolve your worries and shower a divine blessings for your smooth and tension free life.

We take care of all the religious ceremonies - Birthday Ceremony, Thread Wearing Ceremony, SatyaNarayan Puja, Grah Pravesh, Vastu Shastra Consultation, New Business, Marriage Ceremony , Sunderkand Puja, Engagement Ceremony, Vastu Consultant in Vashi, Laxmi Pooja, Ganesha & Durga Puja, Janmashtami pooja, Mata ki Chowki & Jagran, Maha Mritunjya Jap, Havana, Shradh Puja, Last Right Rituals, Nava Graha Shanti, , Ramayan, Mundan, Bhagwat katha, Naming Ceremony, Mundan Ceremony, PaniGrahan Ceremony (Janev Ceremony), Pandit for Puja in Navi Mumbai, etc.