Sun represent father, moon mother, Mars and Mercury younger brother and sisters and Jupiter elder brother, Family members are like pillars that support a child and other members in building his career and achieving the desired goal. Each family member has some rights as well as some responsibilities towards each others.

No doubt father and mother has special role but other members can equally contribute towards achieving accord in the family. Astrologically, each person has different individuality, different thoughts and different personality. Then how all the members can live in harmony with each other?

In order to function effectively, every family member should be assigned few major roles that must be filled. Like wise:

  • Children need to be taught skills which may help them in earning bread apart from their academic requirements. This refers to all the emotional, physical, educational, and social development of children.
  • Family members need to be looked after and supported.
  • Day-to-day household tasks, discipline and policy making should be maintained by the family members and tasks should be assigned to each member. This generates sense of responsibility amongst family members.
  • Parents should be capable enough to provide monetary and other resources like money, food, clothing, and shelter etc. to create a sense of protection amongst family members.
  • A suitable wedding match for grown up and capable members

In all the above requirements, parents have the leading role. As and when the other members grow up and start earning they should join their parent's responsibilities. Mothers may have different role of nurturing and making sure that emotional needs are met. Responsibilities should be divided so that no one member feels overburdened. Roles of each member should be identified. There should be no partiality while allocating roles. The sole purpose behind this is to develop skill and not to overburden.

Parents should note down the developments and should assist the member who fails to achieve the desired outcome. Age and physical capability of the member should be kept in mind while assigning the role. Parents should always be on the side of members to support him/her. The entire purpose of assigning the role is to make each member responsible and capable of facing the day to day problems of the life and run the family smoothly and create a sense of coordination among the family members.

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